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Allzic Radio is a french brand of EG Digital company, and more broadly, Espace Group company. I worked in this company as Lead Graphic Designer, on the visual identity of the group's radios, including the Allzic Radio project..

Allzic Radio is a musical platform which unites both its own thematic webradios (rap, lounge, funk, jazz, ...) and thousands of others from around the world, referenced on the website. The website and mobile app therefore allow you to listen to all the radio stations online. The choice is exceptional and all listening is free! Classified by genre (musical, news, local or foreign radios...) they are particularly easy to access. And more importantly, there is no advertising, so listening is uninterrupted!

Allzic Radio app

Design update for the iOS app.

The Allzic Radio app on iOS has been reworked and optimized. I was on the design part and Valentin Limagne for the development part.

Thematic-based communication

Allzic webradios are sorted by musical theme, and each has its own logo which is a variation of the standard Allzic logo, with its own universe. Diversity is the watchword.

The themes of these webradios were also declined in communication by universe, with a catchphrase and a key visual. Some examples below:

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