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During my Working Holiday Visa in Japan, i found some graphic design freelance jobs and the MinaStay project is one of them. I worked also with company from Hong Kong who stands in the minpaku market - minpaku word means kind of short-time accommodation services in Japan, quite like AirBnb does. Already in the minpaku market in Hong Kong from many years, the company recently established in the Japanese market.

In this context, the company wanted to create a strong brand in Japan. My job also was to think and create the brand, thinking about the name and brand graphic identity.

This project was interesting too, because of the international scale. I had to work in english, japanese and chinese languages. I had to learn and feel the asian graphic design trends, and work with kanjis to create a logo. As a western guy, it was a passionate challenge.

Why MinaStay name ?

The logo represents the 皆 kanji (minna/mina), which means everyone in Japanese.

This kanji is redrawn in a modern style, and can represents also a traditionnal chinese window. MinaStay can be translated as “everyone can stay”. This name is also readable for western, japanese and chinese people, because of the kanji, the name writen in alphabet and japanese kanas.

The light-blue color refers to sky and water element, and is a bright color already used in MinaStay rooms. This color also provides peaceful and calm stay for people. The waterpaint element used in the brand identity refers to sky (looks like clouds) and water element too, and has dynamic shape.

Floorplans design

Creation of floorplans to highligh MinaStay accomodations to customers. MinaStay wants to provide high standard houses and flats, who perfectly fits for big groups of friends and families. Provide spacious and comfy accomodations is MinaStay’s guideline.

In this context, the idea was to create stylized plans for these rentals, in order to make potential customers want to choose such and such an apartment depending on the surface area, layout of the rooms and the options available.

Floorplan MinaStay
Brochure MinaStay

Business brochure and roombooks.

Creation of brochure and roombooks to highligh MinaStay’s business and pros to owners. Before increase numbers of customers, MinaStay needs to find more accomodations to increase business.
The brochure was produced in 4 languages (English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese), a lot of work on layout and adaptation was carried out. Difficult but interesting exercise. Indeed each language has its peculiarities in terms of layout and space that it occupies in text length. Knowing that Chinese and Japanese can also be written vertically.

Stationery starter pack design.

- Business cards
- A4 letter layout
- Letter cover layout
- Business presentation layout (Powerpoint/ Google Slides)

Stationery MinaStay

“Guillaume helped us a lot to make this amazing brand in a short amount of time. Thanks for your work.”

馮 家綸 Eric Fung - CEO

Thank you for all the good times spent together

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