Let me take you to your destination


This project is my end of studies project to validate my License in Art Direction. It was therefore produced in a training context for the Brassart School and is (unfortunately) not real.
I am particularly proud of this project where I have invested myself body and soul! I am passionate about new technologies and the subject of the end of studies project was up to me.
Starting from scratch, I am proud to show you this complete project out of my head which goes beyond a brand creation, by proposing a new innovative concept!

Mira's concept

The autonomous car that drops you off anywhere in Lyon.

Turn on your application, activate your GPS, book your course and then a few minutes later an autonomous car will pick you up and then take you to the destination of your choice in Lyon city.
This system is simple: no payment on site thanks to a subscription linked to a unique ID number. The system is also secure, thanks to identification via bank card or app.
Users can even change their route while on the road, or even decide to stop at any time using the car dashboard or app.

Why Mira name ?

The name Mira is both the app and the car name. It is short, and understandable in as many languages as possible.

This name also refers to several linguistic etymologies, which correspond well with the concept of autonomous car.
In fact Mira comes from :
- 'mirai' in japanese that means 'future'
- 'mirar' in spanish that means 'watch'
- 'mira' in latin that means 'surprising'.

The name Mira also refers to the 'mire' word in French (means: a focus/ a target). We still have the idea of looking, observing, focusing... Meanings that stick with the sensors and cameras of autonomous cars allowing to see the world around them.

About the logo

- we have the idea of movement, of roads, with the colored dots which represent Mira cars on the network and “draw” the letters shape
- we have a rounded typography like the design of the car
- the multicolored design of the Mira universe is shown with the 4 main coloured dots of the logo
- these 4 main colors are slightly saturated and harmonize well with each other. They also allow to convey the main values of the brand: - red for energy - orange for human warmth and creativity - green for ecology - blue for intelligence and safety
- Mira’s name is not self-explanatory enough to understand the concept, the baseline (means 'Lyon Autonomous Car') allows to understand immediately the concept and the locality of the service.

Reassure the passengers

When you get into an autonomous car, you entrust your life to the car. Have a reassuring and secure image by having a discourse of proximity and a more human axis is interesting. How to do?
Personify the car by giving it a female first name; to create a kind character, without going to the mascot. On the supports of communication, the sentences would be written at the first person (I/me), like it was the car talking. The car itself must be 'cute' with curves and rounded shapes to strengthen the feminine side. We can also imagine that the dashboard has a voice and makes comments (like Siri or Cortana) during the trips.

Creation of the app, the main element of the project.

The app is required to use the service. We a navigation system based on Google Maps, similar to other famous transports apps. you can choose between several routes, while knowing estimated journey time and distance, but also the waiting time before a Mira vehicle comes to we. The cost of the trip is also estimated and displayed. You can also add your favorite routes.

The different communication supports to explain the concept and sell the product:

- 4x3 posters
- Subscriber card
- kakemonos (for professional stalls
- video, web communication etc.

Let's work together !

No matter in what form we can collaborate, let's discuss your project over a coffee!