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  • svgCategory :Branding
  • svgClient:TenBit
  • svgDates : April - May 2020

Freelance project with an american start-up company located in Osaka. My job was to create the brand identity of this newcoming company. A project therefore in an international context, which I always appreciate, for the differences in culture and approach to projects!

Why Ten Bit name ?

Lots of meanings in a simple-looking name.

TEN refers also to 天 kanji and Tennoji district (天王寺区) in Osaka, where is located the company.

BIT refers to binary digital unit and TEN (10) too, because of the binary writing with “0” and “1” only.

The name had already been chosen before the project, so I did not participate in its development. I find it very relevant, and already gave a good basis for the creation of the logo.

An anecdote on the design of the logo

Working in an international context is always rewarding, you have to understand the differences in culture and references. Again, I had to adapt to have a logo that is suitable for the Japanese market. Simple example, it is necessary to be sober about the typography: this may seem obvious, but it is necessary that the typography looks legible and simple so that a Japanese is able to read the letters of the alphabet, being less accustomed to those. It's the kind of detail you don't necessarily think about.


“I needed a brand for my new business project, Guillaume helped me a lot with his expertise. Thanks for your hard work.”

Matthew Badeau - CEO

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